is an experiment in reconfiguring and preserving Russian online publications and initiatives. The initial list of resources was collected through an open call announced by the team in March 2022 as a response to Russia’s unpredictable internet regulation, censorship, and sanctions. We would like to thank Webrecorder for providing us with tools that allowed us to archive websites and the Goethe Institute for making this project possible.

A key publication regardingRussian contemporary culture and art of the 2010s, built through horizontal self-organization and underground samizdat
Премия Андрея Белого
Website of the most important independent literary prizes of Post-Soviet Russia
A prominent micromedia platform for Russian contemporary literature: poetry, essays, articles, and dialogues related to the philosophy of poetic writing and its transformations.
Архив Московского концептуализма
The largest online archive of Moscow conceptualism consisting of critical texts and documentation
Открытые левые
A crucial leftist media initiative from the 2010’s
Центр экспериментальной музеологии
Five years of work of CEM – the Center of Experimental Museology – a publishing and research initiative focused on avant-guard forms of art institutions, as well as the exhibition and the museum as a specific type of medium
A prominent webzine from the early 2020s with critical analysis of contemporary culture and art.
Online magazine on culture, art, philosophy, and everyday life. It’s core goal is to challenge and reinvent notions of East.